BSM unveils online campaign to boost brand engagement with younger demographic

The British School of Motoring (BSM) is increasing its online activity with the launch of a six-figure integrated summer ad campaign, as it looks to establish itself as the key destination site for young drivers.

BSM campaign

The “learn to enjoy the summer” campaign, created by TheAgency, will back a six-week promotion on the BSM website, offering people who book ten lessons a 25% discount, and the chance to enter a daily draw to win one of 56 free iPads. Online display ads will be rolled out across various digital platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Bebo as part of the campaign.

Kristian Welch, BSM’s chief marketing officer, said “This is the most we’ve invested in an online campaign for the past two years, and we expect to see a 30% uplift in traffic to the site as a result.”

.Welch said the company’s online spend is approximately 60% of its entire marketing budget. “When we started that percentage would have been less than 3%,” he said. “Ecommerce now represents more than half our revenue income, and we want to increase this even further.”

Welch said it will be looking to expand links with social networks on the site in the coming months. “We want to extend peoples’ conversations past the driving test phase and we will do that via social networks.”

The company launched an iPhone app ten weeks ago, and has since notched up over 100,000 downloads. It will also launch on the iPad in the next few months.

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