BT chief Carter in new office clash…

BT’s controversial marketing consultant Ed Carter has been involved in a second workplace physical clash – this time over “financial strategy”.

According to sources, the 6ft 5″, 17-stone consultant pushed Stephen Burr, BT’s financial controller for marketing and sales, up against a wall during a meeting at BT’s offices. The argument is said to have re-volved around budgets for forthcoming marketing campaigns.

In an earlier incident, Carter struck Jeremy Miles, Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO account director on the 80m BT account, in a row over advertising strategy (MW April 17).

The second incident, coinciding with the arrival of Rupert Gavin as managing director of BT’s consumer division, has increased pressure on the company to discipline the consultant. He has been employed by BT for over two years to consult on its database marketing, and is credited with developing programmes including Friends & Family.

Carter was previously a consultant with several US telecoms companies. BT refuses to comment on the incident with Burr.


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