BT hands ex-Sky executive top TV marketing post

BT has appointed Freeview general manager Lib Charlesworth as head of sales and marketing for its new television services division.

The division has been set up to offer delayed-time on-demand programming to BT’s broadband customers.

Charlesworth spent ten years at BSkyB, where she was involved in the launch and marketing of products such as Sky Plus and TiVo.

Her subsequent involvement in the launch and marketing of Freeview led to her appointment as general manager in May last year.

BT has also appointed Karen Saunders as head of programming and acquisitions for the television services division.

Saunders joins from BSkyB, where she was Sky Networks head of pay-per-view.

Both will join BT later this year and report to chief executive of BT Television Services Dan Marks.

BT’s move into television is being driven by its chairman Sir Christopher Bland, who is the former head of the BBC. It could involve tie-ups with non-Premiership football clubs to provide coverage of their games.

The telecoms group is emphasising that it is not attempting to become a broadcaster offering its own content. It will be offering on-demand programming of shows such as The Sopranos and sporting events.

BT Television Services is part of BT’s Entertainment division, which also includes BT Rich Media and its digital media services division.


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