BT marketer to head Net services unit

BT has moved senior marketer Ayes Amewudah to take charge of marketing at its government directorate unit – designed to realise Tony Blair’s vision of e-government.

Amewudah takes up the post of general manager of marketing, having completed a special assignment for the “transition team” managing BT’s joint Global Venture with AT&T.

Labour’s Modernising Government White Paper set a target date of 2008 for delivering all of its services electronically. It wants them to be universally available, 24 hours a day.

The Government has promised to provide a range of online services by 2002. For example, businesses must be able to file VAT registrations electronically, file returns at Companies House and be paid by Government departments without the need for paper invoices.

BT has set up an e-government channel to see how innovations in other areas of the company can be transferred to the government directorate.

Amewudah says: “We’ve been through the changes the Government is about to go through, both in technological and cultural terms.

“We are trying to position ourselves to serve government better. I will provide marketing direction, propositions and positioning to the directorate.”

Amewudah reports to John Anderson, director of BT Government. He was previously in charge of marketing at BT Corporate Clients and at BT Retail and Logistics.


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