BT promotes ú80m CCU ad manager

BT Ice (information, communications and entertainment) has appointed Tim Patten, manager of advertising at BT’s customer communications unit, to run its advertising department.

Patten, a key figure in BT’s advertising strategy over the past 18 months, becomes advertising manager for the BT Ice Programme. He will be replaced at BT CCU, which has an estimated £80m advertising budget, by Shulto Douglas-Home.

The Ice programme is piloting a multimedia, interactive television scheme in Ipswich. It uses telephone and TV to deliver a range of services, including video-on-demand, banking and shopping. The programme is run by former Dixons man Rupert Gavin.

One observer, who knows Patten well, says: “This can be seen as a considerable promotion. It is a significant and positive move for him in advertising because he will be in the driving seat of one of the foremost multimedia operations in Europe”.

Patten has contributed to BT’s code change, business and Bob Hoskins campaigns. He previously worked as an account handler for Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO.


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