BT puts 37m press and radio up for review

BT has launched the third stage of its four-part statutory media implementation planning and buying review by calling for tenders for its 37m press and radio account held by Zenith Media.

The review follows two already announced – for the strategic media planning account, and the TV and cinema planning and buying account held by IDK (MW December 18 1997).

The shortlist for the strategic account is published but BT media manager Victoria Harris says there will be no shortlist for the TV and cinema buying until a strategic agency is in place.

A result on the strategic media account is expected within the next four weeks. There will be a further tender for BT’s international media buying account, held by Mediapolis, later in the year.

In 1994 Zenith made a bid to pool all BT’s TV cinema planning and buying with its press and radio work. But IDK was handed the TV and cinema account. Agencies have been asked to respond to the tender for the press and radio brief, which is a four-year contract, by Monday.


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