BT uses social media to decide ending for TV ad campaign

BT is calling on the public to decide and vote online for their own ending for the storyline of its long-running Adam and Jane TV ad campaign, which airs on 17 July.

Adam and Jane
Adam and Jane

The ad will premier to Facebook fans before being aired on 17 July, enabling them to vote on the ending.

The most popular ending will be aired in late August.

The Adam and Jane storyline, staring TV actors Kris Marshall and Esther Hall, first appeared on screens in 2005.

The recent storyline has centred on Adam and Jane’s wedding. Fans of Adam and Jane have set up groups on Facebook to campaign to keep the couple together.

Matthew Dearden, BT’s marketing director, said, “Thousands of people follow the storyline on Facebook, and they are already debating what should happen in the run up to the wedding, so this campaign is giving them and others the chance to decide what happens next.

“This is a first for BT, so we are really excited to see how people respond and to find out what they decide should happen next to Adam and Jane.”

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