BT Vision launches shopping service

BT Vision has launched an on-demand shopping service.

Vision Shopping, hosted by Gaby Roslin and first revealed by new media age last year (nma 6 March 2008), features five on-demand channels including Home, Sport & Fitness and DIY. The channels are accessed via the EPG, with viewers able to buy products over the phone, although not yet via the red button.

The products available in each channel will be updated regularly by channel manager Canis Media and platform provider Emuse.

Ed Hall, CEO of Canis Media, said viewers would benefit from a tailored shopping experience. “BT Vision has recognised the potential for an on-demand service to complement its programming and benefit from increased engagement with audiences,” he said.

new media age revealed BT Vision’s plans to launch a shopping service in March last year when then-CEO Dan Marks said the company aimed to create a retail service to exploit the platform’s interactive opportunities and enable customers to purchase products via the red button.

However, BT Vision business development manager Jeremy Rosenberg said it hadn’t ruled out introducing red-button transactions at a later date.

“This is something we’ll look at in the future but it really depends on how successful this service is,” he said. “Most people are comfortable enough to pick up the telephone and order.”

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