BTCellnet extends brand with pre-pay mobile launch

BTCellnet is launching two pre-pay mobile phone packages to join its existing Easylife and U brands.

The first, called Pay & Go, is aimed at the mass market and will be available from July 1. The second will target consumers in small businesses, and is called Business Pay & Go. It will be available from this week.

From August 1, Pay & Go customers will be able to call one land line number free at any time of day or night. Other calls will be charged at a flat rate of 30p per minute.

The package costs &£79.99 and includes a Philips handset and &£10 worth of call time. A top-up card worth &£15 is required every 60 days to stay connected.

Business Pay & Go gives small businesses and the self-employed a pre-pay package with a handset and &£80 worth of calls for &£149.99. A credit top-up of &£40 is needed every 90 days, with calls charged at a 25p flat rate.

BT Cellnet marketing director Kent Thexton says: “Our strategy is to segment the pre-pay market with four, clearly branded packages to suit different needs.”

The pre-pay mobile phone market has grown to 5 million users in the last two years.

The launch of Pay & Go is the first pre-pay package since BTCellnet launched U for the 16- to 24-year-old age group last October.

BTCellnet is launching a U package with a handset that can be used to send pictures to other U phones. The pictures appear on the phone display window.


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