BT’s latest ad confirms Adam and Jane’s engagement

BT is launching the latest instalment of its long-running “Adam and Jane” campaign, with the couple set to become engaged.

In the last ad that mentioned their on-off relationship, Adam called his parents to say “Dad, I’ve got some news!” and Jane called her friends, but it was never revealed that the couple were to marry.

BT will debut the new ad on Facebook, where 4000 people are fans of Adam and Jane. It will confirm that the couple are getting married and focuses on Jane’s daughter Lucy and her relationship with her real father. He calls Lucy on his mobile between meetings, and inadvertently makes her feel he doesn’t want to talk to her.

Jane intervenes to explain to him how Lucy is feeling and he immediately rectifies the situation by making time for a proper chat with his daughter over the landline.

Adam and Jane have been BT’s main advertising family since 2005 and were cast to show how BT could help the modern, family stay in touch.

The ad campaign was created by AMV.BBDO and the media agencies are MediaVest and Zed.


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