Budweiser unveils new “together” ad

Watch the new Budweiser ad here.

Budweiser has unveiled its latest ad called ’Pool’, which will air across the UK and Ireland tonight (25 October).

Created by DDB UK, the advert, featuring “Brakes On” by Air, aims to embody Budweiser’s renewed sense of hope and optimism through the belief that “now is the time to come together, it’s time to unite.” It will air across the UK on Sky and on mainstream TV in Ireland.

Commissioned by Diageo Ireland, it aims to recognise the recent revival of US optimism, showing that great things happen when people get together. The ad shows a group of people coming together to play a supersized game of pool on an LA rooftop to the sounds of Air over the airwaves.

Budweiser says it wants the brand to return to its rightful position as the King of Beers.

Supersized props especially commissioned for the shoot were winched to the roof including a 40ft pool cue, full set of 16 pool balls over a meter high, hundreds of feet of baize and, of course, a giant 4ft blue cue chalk.

’Pool’ is the follow up to the award winning 2009 Budweiser ’Lyrics’, which featured a cover of the Beatles “All together now” by The Hours as people from all over a city come together in different guises to spell out the words to “All together now” in time to the music and all shot from a moving train carriage.

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