Build a safety net before jumping

Many people connected to the Internet do not consider the safety of their data and this fact has been played on successfully by the media in recent months.

Headlines such as “Computer experts see hackers gaining an upper hand in fight over security” in a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal, have led many commercial organisations to perceive the Internet as a domain populated by dishonest hackers all eager to steal credit card numbers and go on huge on-line spending sprees.

As any crime-prevention officer will tell you, most security risks are due to bad planning and simple mistakes. The same is true of computers. But if proper precautions are taken and professional advice is sought, many security risks can be reduced.

Professional companies like Unipalm Pipex can advise on server security and build firewalls and other systems that protect the integrity of your data, but this will inevitably cost money.

“The Internet offers no more security than any other public network, so always consider what your Internet provider can offer; and remember you always get what you pay for,” says Unipalm’s Mark Hugo. “On-line security needs to be considered as the market is very young and there are a great many companies offering different levels of service.”