Bulldog sponsors David Mitchell’s online TV show

Bulldog, the men’s natural skincare brand, is partnering with comedian David Mitchell for the second series of the online show “David Mitchell’s Soapbox”.

As part of the partnership Bulldog branded messages will appear at the beginning and end of all 20 episodes in the series.

The show sponsorship is part of a wider integrated campaign involving iPhone and Facebook applications, product sampling, outdoor and print campaigns and competitions.

The series sponsorship begins today (13 May) and the programmes will be available for free download from iTunes and www.meetthebulldog.com.

The online comedy show sees Peep Show’s David Mitchell commenting and reacting to current affairs and issues.

The first series was downloaded more than 3 million times.

Bulldog launched a range of Fairtrade products earlier this year.


The non-commercial break

Marketing Week

By the time you read this, I hope that we have a clearly empowered government rather than the committee-based world of a hung parliament. The global recession aside, so much of the economic deficit is caused by systemic bureaucracy, something that would only be accentuated by a lack of decisiveness at the very top table.

Mobile giant will be ‘everywhere’ brand

Mark Choueke

Everything Everywhere is not a good name for a new company. It is childish, cumbersome, vacuous and hollow. Don’t get me wrong, it would make a pretty good strapline and an unbeatable (by definition) business proposition. It just seems to me a bit of a naff choice of company name.


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