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  1. Ping Luo 29 Sep 2015

    I always think that using public media is one of the biggest factors that a company could more success. Snapchat is becoming the hottest app these years. The big companies like CNN and Daily Mail also joined and sat up their own page since last year. Even though luxury brands are expensive, they
    still have an intense competition inside the industry. The brand that makes the
    first step on making the new change would have a big opportunity to win in the
    new season. As what LCDAC Branding talked about in the presentation in the
    class, a brand like Chanel still does not have a store for online shopping or
    almost no commercial for fashion product on TV or Internet. Even though people
    still buy their quality products, they still miss an amount of customers. I think
    Burberry made a really good marketing decision that working with Snapchat. For
    me, the first thing that I do after I wake up in the morning is checking all my
    social software to see what I missed. I believe that lots of people do it also.
    If I see a Burberry commercial or even just new collection of the year with 10
    seconds video or picture in the morning, I will have a strong impression on
    what I saw for whole day. I might also share the information with my friends in
    the daytime. Therefore, Burberry is not only holding their old customers, but
    also gaining the potential customers.

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