Burton’s plans relaunch for Viscount biscuit brand

Burton’s Foods is relaunching its classic biscuit brand Viscount and introducing a new product to the range in a bid to raise awareness and boost sales. It is the first revamp of the brand for nearly a decade.

The new product, Viscount Minis, aims to give the brand a foothold in the sharing market and target younger women, who tend to buy biscuits and confectionery products to share. A redesign of the Viscount branding, carried out by Beswick Design, aims to raise the profile of the brand and also to return it to its positioning as a luxury biscuit for adults.

The Minis will come in tubs, which can be resealed, and a new praline variant has been added to the traditional mint and orange flavours. The core biscuit range has also had its packaging updated.

In 2000, Burton’s extended the brand into the snack bar market aimed at children’s lunchboxes. The bar was called the Minty Cool Bar, but it was considered the wrong direction for the brand. Minty Cool Bar has since been scrapped.

Burton’s Foods senior brand manager Lorna Merchant says the revamp aims to help the brand compete in the traditional biscuit market. The category has become increasingly competitive with the growing demand for “better-for-you” products and more indulgent biscuits.


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