Buy Property Overseas builds global website is developing a global website with an emphasis on ensuring the high volume of information delivered does not compromise site usability. Juno Media (UK) has been appointed to handle functional design and information architecture.

BPO is a global real estate business with offices worldwide. Via the website, it delivers information on properties for sale abroad, together with investment reports, case studies, global rental yield data and related service information. To ensure information meets country-specific requirements, navigation and usability need to be optimised.

David Wiltshire, founder of Juno Media (UK), says:  “We will be working with the Buy Property Overseas team to gain an insight into statistical analysis to understand the possible issues faced by current site users. By investigating navigational issues and implementing user journey maps we will be able to provide the creative development team with the information they need to make essential design changes as the website goes through development.”

Using its expertise in usability, accessibility and information architecture, the agency will drive a development programme for the site. Global usability reviews will be carried out to identify current issues, with a focus on implementing an optimised design to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.


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