Buying in to carbon foot-print labelling

A new study by the Carbon Trust has found that almost two-thirds of consumers are more likely to buy a product if action is being taken to reduce its carbon footprint.

And according to a study, around 70% of consumers want businesses to help them make more informed environmental choices and 58% valued companies that were reducing carbon emissions.

But, despite the importance of the issue, only 12% of respondents feel firms are doing enough to tackle climate change.

There is a real opportunity here, particularly for food and drinks brands to gain a competitive advantage, especially if they communicate their achievements through PR and ad campaigns.

Brands that already carry the Carbon Trust’s label include Coca- Cola, Tesco, Tropicana and Walkers. If these market leaders are doing it, shouldn’t you do it for your brand?

Michael Bennett
Managing director
Pelican Public Relations


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