C4 right to commission Big Brother

Torin Douglas made some kind remarks about the performances of David Brook and myself at the Edinburgh Television Festival, in last week’s Marketing Week. Not wanting to seem ungrateful, but Torin didn’t actually attend our session, so I wanted to correct an inaccuracy: I did not say Big Brother attracted a downmarket audience. I made the point that marketing and marketing propositions should be considered, but then not be allowed to lead programming commissions.

David Brook’s “modern and upstream” mantra does not fit well with the downmarket cut coveted Big Brother format. If voyeurism is an upstream idea, I’m a Dutchman. Channel 4 is right to commission it, even though it didn’t fit with its marketing proposition.

Jim Hytner

Marketing director

Channel 5 broadcasting

London WC2E

Not wanting to seem pedantic, but I was there – TD


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