C4 teams up with Fanbanta.com

Channel 4 is teaming up with a newly launched website for football fans to offer a television show “for fans, by fans”. Fanbanta.com aims to capture the real mood and opinions of supporters on the terraces. The site will feature professional content but that uses a maverick, fanzine-style approach.

Fanbanta will act as a forum where fans can create their own profiles and upload content such as photos, blogs and vlogs about their own experiences at matches and around the league. There will also be content from writers and producers currently working in football across online, TV, radio and print.

Andy Harris, a former journalist who for the last ten years has worked on TV shows such as The Big Breakfast, Fantasy Football and Soccer AM, will head content. Mickey Kalifa, who has previously held positions at Sky, Disney and Time Warner, has been appointed as managing director.

Other people involved include Kirsten O’Brian, Joe Mace, Ralf Little, Kevin Day, Mark Webster, Phil Cornwell, Sir Bobby Robson, Mani, Nick Leeson and Chris Salewicz.


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