Cadbury ads ‘are too dark’

Cadbury Trebor Bassett is understood to have been forced to soften the advertising for Cadbury Dairy Milk after the humour in the first two ads was considered too dark.

It is believed Cadbury is pleased with the underlying “happiness” message but is keen to introduce lighter elements such as families and friends. The latest ad, for Cadbury Snaps, shows a group of women eating Cadbury Snaps with their happiness represented by a pack of laughing hyenas. Future executions are understood to include a stork and will see the return of the Roses badger and bush baby.

It is understood that the first two executions in the campaign, one featuring a woman and her puma “happiness” and a man with his ram “happiness” character – will no longer be used.

The company says it plans to use a range of ads under the “happiness” umbrella and that different executions aim to show various states of happiness and will be shown at different times of the year.


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