Cadbury axes Trebor 24-7 after poor sales

Cadbury Trebor Bassett (CTB) is understood to be axing mint and chewing gum brand Trebor 24-7, just over a year after the product was launched in the UK, following poor sales. The launch was CTB’s biggest push last year, in an effort to rival Wrigley’s hold on the mint and chewing gum markets.

Industry insiders says that, despite CTB’s ambitious plans to break into the mint and gum markets, the company did not give Trebor 24-7 enough support after the initial burst of advertising. CTB was known to be concerned about the product, which has been launched successfully in other markets such as Australia. Last summer, CTB visited retailers to discuss the product and its low sales. The confectionery giant was understood to be blaming poor distribution (MW July 10, 2003).

The range’s launch was supported by a multi-million pound advertising campaign. Trebor 24-7 was also the sponsor of the ill-fated Channel 4 show Boys & Girls, but observers say it made little impact.

Another source says that a lack of in-store support is a key reason for the product’s failure.

Trebor 24-7 is due to disappear from shelves later this month. The Mighty Mint variant will be relaunched as Mini Mints, packaged in a credit card-sized box. CTB is also repackaging Mini Soft Mints, ditching plastic tubes in favour of cardboard boxes. The new products will be available from June.

CTB now plans to focus its marketing spend on Extra Strong Mints.


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