Why Cadbury won’t ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’ when it comes to innovation

Cadbury’s senior brand manager says its important to think about product development while also supporting its core brands as it launches a £3m campaign for Twirl.

While innovation is important, Cadbury ensures it is “pulling both levers” when it comes to balancing new product development and promoting established brands.

“We want to be innovative but equally we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water so we need to ensure those treasured brands are also taken care of,” Richard Weisinger, senior brand manager for Cadbury Singles, tells Marketing Week.

As part of this drive, Cadbury has launched a £3m marketing campaign for Twirl, its most popular singles bar in the UK according to Weisinger. Through the two TV spots, Cadbury is looking to reposition the brand and engage a younger audience.

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Weisinger explains: “We want to make sure that in 10 years’ time Twirl is still one of our strongest and most-loved brands.

“As much as innovation is important, we want to celebrate the heritage of all our other brands  and make sure consumers don’t forget about them as it’s still all to play for as the UK’s favourite chocolate.”

The campaign represents a new direction for the brand, which is looking to build a more emotional connection with consumers.

Through the 11-week campaign Cadbury wants to draw attention to quiet moments of reflection, with the TV spots showing two friends contemplating what makes a Twirl “so twirly” and other mysteries.

The creative will run across TV, social and digital, with Cadbury also exploring partnerships with content provider LadBible.

While Cadbury is focusing on the heritage of Twirl in this campaign, Weisinger hints at potential innovation around other products such as Boost. He adds: “Keep your eyes peeled for new things to come out very shortly.”



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