Cadbury celebrates Fairtrade with music single

Cadbury has produced a music single and video to promote Dairy Milk’s Fairtrade certification and its relationship with cocoa farmers in Ghana.


A 60 second television preview of the track and video featuring Ghanaian music star Tinny will break on 19 September during ITV Saturday night entertainment show The X-Factor.

The track is produced by Glass and a Half Records and follows the advertising developed by the confectionary manufacturer’s Glass and a Half Full Productions. The latest adverts, Eyebrows and Gorilla and Truck were created by Fallon.

The full single is available on iTunes tomorrow (18 September).

Cadbury has worked with Ghanaian cocoa farmers for 101 years and wanted to celebrate its Fairtrade links and support local communities. All profits will go to CARE International to fund education in the region.

Phil Rumbol, marketing director for Cadbury says: ‘We wanted to celebrate Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Fairtrade certification and Ghana, the heart of our Fairtrade cocoa, in a unique way. Music has always been a big part of Glass and a Half Full Productions and we were inspired by Ghana’s love of music so it seemed the perfect way to capture the spirit of the country was through a track. We hope we’ll bring a smile to people’s faces’

Cadbury Dairy milk is now Fairtrade in the UK and Ireland and will extend this to Canada Australia and New Zealand in 2010.

Cadbury recently rejected a bid from Kraft to buy the confectionary company for £16.7bn (£10.2.



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