Cadbury hails social impact of marketing

Cadbury claims its Spots v Stripes Olympic activity has been a success, not by measuring the number of chocolate bars it has sold, but how it has inspired people across the UK and Ireland to take part in sports.


As part of the confectionery brand’s sponsorship of London 2012, it has been hosting events such as football matches and board game tournaments at local communities since the launch of the Spots v Stripes Olympic platform in 2010.

It says that more than 120,000 people have taken part in some 1,800 Spots v Stripes sports events during this period. Including spectators, 906,022 participants have been involved in the community programme over the last 18 months.

An independent evaluation of the programme, published today, reveals that more than three quarters of a sample of 1,115 participants and spectators said they were more likely to get involved in community activities, while 49% revealed they were more likely to play games and get involved in sport after taking part.

One in three claimed they are more likely to consider volunteering in their local area after attending a Cadbury Spots v Stripes community event.
Peter Taylor, professor of sport economics and co-director of the Sport Industry Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University, which conducted the assessment alongside research firm Ecorys, claims that for every £1 invested in the campaign, the return on social investment, or benefit to the community is £1.90.

Norman Brodie, General Manager of Cadbury London 2012 at Kraft Foods, says that London 2012 is about more than a hard return on investment.
He adds: “As a business we have used the opportunity to try new, bold approaches, and through our Cadbury Spots v Stripes Community Programme we have used game playing to bring people together and build stronger communities in areas that need it the most.”

Cadbury, which has invested more than £1m a year marketing Spots v Stripes, says it has launched 80% of the events in the most deprived areas of the country.



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