Cadbury must tell the public that it cares

I am writing in response to Caroline Parry’s article “Major Cadbury launch in disarray after Dairy Milk salmonella recall” (MW June 29).

I was shocked to think that such a household name as Cadbury had been aware of the contamination since January, but had kept this information from the Food Standards Agency and the public. The fact that such a huge family company has put families at risk is very alarming. It is frightening to see how easy it is for companies to keep important news from the public in their desire to make profits – as its decision to wait until after Easter, the most popular selling time of the year, proves.

I – as well as the rest of the country – have seriously lost confidence in the brand. I think to help rebuild the public’s trust, the company needs to quickly restart its advertising to repair the brand. The Coronation Street sponsorship could act as a launch pad, and it could perhaps invest in a promotion designed to get children involved – possibly a relay race around the country – to show the public that it cares.

Katy McAteer

MCC International



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