Cadbury reduces support for sharing lines after sales dip

cadburyCadbury is understood to be reducing support for its range of sharing products, including Snaps and Cadbury Melts, after they failed to make an impact with consumers. It is understood the confectionery manufacturer will now focus its support on Dairy Milk and Trident.

The company had hoped to create an “indulgent sharing” category with the launch of Snaps in 2004. It was part of a two-pronged new product development strategy that focused on “eat now” and “eat later” (MW June 23).

Snaps, which are shaped like crisps, are packaged in tubes and were intended for the “eat later” category, as a snack for adults to share.

This was followed by the launch of Cadbury Melts, a box of smaller, individually wrapped Dairy Milk bars aimed at more health conscious consumers (MW June 29, 2006). A re-sealable Dairy Milk Share Box was launched in 2006 (MW June 30 2005).

But insiders say that this strategy appears to have been scrapped with none of the products receiving any support this year and are not expected to be promoted during the lead-up to Christmas, a key sales time for sharing products. It is understood that many retailers have reduced the number of variants they are stocking, with many only carrying one Snaps flavour.

One source adds that the sharing ranges “do not sell if they are not promoted” and she expected the products would “drift out” over time.


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