Cadbury to combine Spots and Stripes

Cadbury’s 2012 Spots v Stripes activation campaign will become more overtly about the Olympic Games as the London tournament nears.


The culmination of the two year Spots v Stripes activity will also see the two teams – Spots and Stripes – join together to support the Great Britain Olympic team.

The Spots v Stripes activity has been built around the “play” concept, encouraging people and communities to side with either Spots of Stripes team, and getting together to play games. Participants then earn points for their team.

Activity will switch, however, to become more about the Games and sport by the time the Olympics starts next year.

Norman Brodie, the general manager of Cadbury’s London 2012 programme, says the Spots V Stripes will come to a logical conclusion in 2012 and that it is “absolutely planned” to bring the Spots and Stripes teams together.

“It’s quite easy for Spots v Stripes to become Spots and Stripes,” he says, adding: “The two teams will become one and we will galvanise that behind the Games and the GB team. We want to use the power of our very British brand to get the nation behind the 900 British Olympians and Paralympians in to 2012 Games,” he says.

The next phase of the Spots v Stripes activity is set to roll out in the autumn with the launch of its TV game show Minute to Win it in partnership with ITV2.

Brodie hopes this is when the campaign will reach “critical mass” and become a part of popular culture.

Cadbury is also preparing to roll out 2012 activation campaigns across its brand portfolio, following the launch of Cadbury Crème Egg and Dairy Milk campaigns earlier this year.

It is also thought to be launching two new products based on the Olympic and Paralympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville.


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