Cadbury tops list of UK’s favourite food brands

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Seriously Strong Cheddar have been named the most popular food brands by UK shoppers, according to a new study by Nunwood, the customer experience specialist.


The consumer experience specialist asked 2,400 UK consumers to a pick a product they had consumed over the past four weeks and then rate them out of ten according to how enjoyable they were.

Both Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Seriously Strong Cheddar had an average score of 8.51.

Michael Crow, strategic services manager at Nunwood says: “The position of Seriously Strong, Cathedral City and Lurpak demonstrate the potential that a strong branded customer experience can deliver even in relatively commoditised categories.”

He adds: “The importance of communicating differentiation to the shopper and, most importantly, delivering on this brand promise allow these products to excel in a crowded competitive set.”

Elsewhere, Seabrook Crisps was the leading savoury brand with a score of 7.94 while Dorset Cereals was voted top breakfast cereal with a score of 8.24.

Cadbury Dairy Milk – 8.51
Seriously Strong Cheddar – 8.51
Lurpak – 8.47
Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – 8.43
Galaxy chocolate – 8.26
Cathedral City – 8.38
Soreen Malt Loaf- 8.33
Dorset Cereals – 8.24
Innocent Smoothies – 8.27
Cadbury’s Twirl – 8.27
Häagen-Daz – 8.26
Seabrook Crisps – 7.94


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