Cadbury unveils new “magical” ad

Cadbury is unveiling a new character-based TV ad called ’Chocolate Charmer’ showing its chocolate bars being “magically” crafted.

The 60-second commercial aims to following in the footsteps of ’Gorilla’, ’Airport Trucks’ and ’Eyebrows’ and has been developed by Cadbury’s Glass and a Half Full studio. Fallon has created the ad and Phd handled media planning and buying.

Chocolate Charmer is one of Kraft’s first themed TV ad for Cadbury since its takeover in February. It recently celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight with an advert and CD launch, featuring Paolo Nutini.

It will air tonight (9 April) across ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 during Emmerdale, Comedy Roasts and Home & Away. Activity will be backed digitally and will also feature on selected video on demand sites and in cinemas.

Cadbury says the film “takes viewers into the magical world of Cadbury Dairy Milk production where we see the Chocolate Charmer at work creating his own delicious bars of milk chocolate.”

This will include the charmer creating towers of chocolate and milk out of spinning glass bowls, using special levers and pulleys and his own magical powers with chocolate.

It aims to show how the swirls of chocolate and fresh milk give Cadbury Dairy Milk its unique creamy taste

Phil Rumbol, marketing director for Cadbury, says: “We wanted to celebrate the original Glass and a Half Full Production itself, the chocolate. Making chocolate is a wonderful process and something we know people love to watch so it made perfect sense that the latest production should share some of the joy of chocolate creation combined with Glass and a Half Full Production’s magical qualities.”

Kraft has said it will keep Cadbury’s marketing and sales operations in the UK because “they understand the British market”.

Earlier today, Cadbury announced it is considering stretching its brand into the café marketplace by opening a national chain of Cadbury-branded cafés.

Meanwhile Premier Foods has announced the launch of Cadbury Cherry & Vanilla Mini Rolls, a new addition to the popular Cadbury Mini Rolls range.

The Cadbury Mini Rolls range will be supported as part of Premier Food’s Great Little Ideas campaign, which aims to give mums hints, tips and twists on how to use some of Britain’s best loved food brands. The Great Little Ideas brand logo, a bright yellow star, will appear on pack. The Cadbury Mini Rolls ideas include heating a Mini Roll in the microwave and serving with ice cream, and making a Mini Rolls milkshake.


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