Cadbury wins bid to control all vending machines on Tube

Cadbury Trebor Bassett (CTB) has won a ten-year extension to its contract to supply vending machines on the London Underground (LU).

The confectionery giant has promised to install new machines and widen the range of products available to the 3 million passengers who use the Tube every day.

CTB, which beat companies such as Coca-Cola to win the contract, is considering widening the availability of vending machines, which could soon be included on other forms of transport, including buses.

LU has handed control of the 1,000 existing machines to CTB, which is planning to increase the 40-strong team of operators.

The new contract includes an option to extend until 2016. CTB plans to introduce more confectionery and drinks brands and is also considering installing machines to provide non-snack products.

CTB managing director Andrew Coslett says: “We intend to deliver a greater choice for passengers. There is great marketing value for us in this deal.”

Anil Shah, project manager for LU, adds: “The vending business is ripe for development and we know its future will be in safe hands.”

CTB has announced its support for the Rural Shops Alliance, a leading lobbyist for rural retailers. The RSA represents 12,000 rural stores across the UK, an important part of CTB’s distribution.


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