“Cadbury’s Law” will prevent British brand takeovers

The Labour party is expected to introduce new rules to prevent British companies being taken over by foreign companies, in the way that Cadbury was recently acquired by Kraft.

If elected, it proposes to introduce a “Cadbury law” to protect British industry from being taken over by foreign companies, which will include strict rules to protect businesses from foreign takeovers.

The prompt follows calls from unions for the government to act faster to avoid the headquarters of the UK’s most popular brands to new offices overseas.

Other plans to be published in the manifesto, which will be launched later today (12 April) and will include pledges not to raise income tax and more public service reform and plans which could see under-performing schools, hospitals and police forces taken over by teams from more successful organisations.

It will also include pledges that underperforming police forces could be managed by more successful ones and all migrant workers will have to undertake an English language test if they want to work in the public sector – not just doctors from outside Europe, police officers and teachers as at present.


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