Callcredit core datasets updated

Changes to the UK marketplace have triggered rebuilding of key data products at Callcredit Marketing Solutions. Core, the consumer targeting universe launched in November 2009, has been enhanced with updated Electoral Roll records and a new Social Class model has been built. Property valuations have been adjusted to reflect the shift in average property values in the UK, while household lifestyle variables have been upgraded to reflect mass affluence.

Baby MPS has been built into Core and a presence of children model created. This bands three key groups – pre-school (aged 0 to 4), primary (5 to 11) and high school teens (12 to 16).

The Cameo Unemployment classification has also been updated in response to rising unemployment. It now splits the population into 20 equal bands based on the number of economically inactive households – the number of these has risen for two years in a row.

Previously, the lowest band had less than 1.0 per cent economically inactive households. This has now been adjusted to less than 2.0 per cent in order to offer a meaningful segment size. The top banding has also expanded from 15.7 per cent in 2009 to 21.8 per cent.

Caroline Worboys, managing director, Callcredit Marketing Solutions, says: “The current economic climate has been much talked about, but the reality is that it has changed the way that UK consumers think, act and respond to marketing communications. In order for marketers to keep targeting consumers efficiently, they need to be sure they are using the most up-to-date data and classifications on the market, and these amends to our datasets will help them do just that.”


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