Calling time on the part-timers

I was surprised by David Ovrington’s remark in your recent field marketing feature that “taking people on full time… would simply be taking over the payroll of clients, which defeats the purpose”.

It may have escaped his attention that outsourcing has been one of the biggest trends of the past decade and that, far from just transferring payroll from one paymaster to another, companies doing it find that it saves them money and allows them to focus on their core area of expertise. In the case of most of our clients, this is the development and marketing of market-leading brands. They can concentrate on our area of expertise: retail sales management and information gathering.

He might also be interested to learn that the initiative is coming from our clients and not from us. Indeed, many effectively use us in place of the “milk round” to recruit and train graduates who will at a later stage continue their career on the client side.

All our staff are now employed on a full-time basis and this is helping us to develop our working relationship with existing clients, but also to get on a wide range of pitch lists for new ones.

Legislation changes are an irrelevance. Full-time employment is here to stay, because quite simply it’s better.

Gary Macmanus

Managing director




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