Calvin Harris ’18 months’ album ad banned

A TV ad for Calvin Harris’ number one album “18 months” has been banned for featuring a version of a track that does not appear on the record.


The ad’s voiceover said “Let’s Go”, as on screen text appeared stating “Let’s Go Ft. Ne-You”, while the song played in the background. A complainant said the ad was “misleading” because he believed the version of the track – which featured the additional melody and lyrics “Oh, it’s now or never” during the chorus – was not the same as the one on the album.]

Colombia Records had initially believed both versions of the song were the same and suggested the way the tracks on the ad were segued together may have caused the confusion.

Subsequently, the record label and broadcast clearance body Clearcast noted the track in the ad was slightly different to the version of “Let’s Go” on the album.

Clearcast said it would not have approved the ad in that form if it had been aware it was not the same version of the track and in future would ensure the songs on the ad matched those on the advertised album. It has since cleared a new version of the ad replacing the original track used.

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled the ad was likely to mislead and banned the original spot from appearing again.



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