Cambridge Diet unveils new branding for 2010

Dieting company Cambridge Diet is to re-brand itself as Cambridge Weight Plan, and will launch a national advertising campaign to promote its new name.

The company, which is 25 years old, has completed a total rebranding, which encompasses a new logo, website and product packaging.

It will be backed by a national advertising campaign, running across 24 national newspapers and magazines for three months. Posters in the changing rooms of Wallis shops nationwide will accompany the print ads.

Previously, the organisation has evolved through PR & word of mouth. Managing director, Eileen Skinner, says: “Now it’s time to tell the wider world about how effective our programmes are, and how we have changed tens of thousands of lives.”

The rebrand has been developed by Leeds based consultancy Propaganda and is based on real dieters doing a “double take” when they catch their reflections in mirrors and shop windows, during their weight loss journey.

Skinner says: “This is all about showing real people achieving real results through real and attainable milestones.”



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