Camelot is doing well, thanks

Last week’s Cover Story “Achilles’ Heel” was confusing, inaccurate and contradictory. “Under Siege Once Again” screamed the headline, before claiming that UK legislation “prevents others from competing effectively”.

You appear to be suggesting that the National Lottery is not performing and does not face competition. The reverse is true: Camelot operates in a number of fiercely competitive areas spanning the fmcg, leisure, gambling and online markets. With rock solid sales of £85m a week – £40m a week higher than at launch – we’re doing rather well.

Want other figures? How about the £15bn plus raised for good causes? Or the £5bn plus that has swelled the Treasury’s coffers? Or the fact that we operate seven of the UK’s biggest- selling fmcg brands?

I don’t know what the “Achilles’ Heel” referred to on your front cover was, but quarter on quarter, National Lottery ticket sales are showing solid growth. “Sick as parrots”? We’re over the moon – as are the millions of people who win a prize on National Lottery games every week.

Mark Gallagher

Director, corporate affairs,


Watford, Herts


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