Camelot is not ‘Under Siege’

Even though WCRS has passed the National Lottery baton to Abbott.Mead Vickers.BBDO, I must help to redeem the reputation of my ex-client from the ravages of your out-of-control keyboard (MW last week). I was surprised at the lack of recognition of the fact that in less than ten years Camelot has built some of the largest fmcg brands in the UK.

Your choice of headline was particularly strange. How can you describe a company with sales of more than &£85m a week and the best quarter-on-quarter growth in four years as being “Under Siege”?

I agree that it is “a safe bet that competition will be fierce” – mainly because it already is. Camelot has twice competed for its licence – and week in, week out it competes with other fmcg brands and harder forms of gambling for the pound in people’s pockets.

Britain’s National Lottery is the most successful in the world. Any agency would be proud to be part of that achievement. Why do you find it so difficult to credit Camelot’s success? Try buying a lottery ticket and you might feel better.

Robin Wight



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