Camelot puts fun back into scratchcard marketing

Camelot has repositioned its National Lottery Scratchcard brands with the aim of highlighting the “playfulness” of its range.

Scratchcards: ‘Playful’ strategy

The company is to introduce the overarching “Put Some Play In Your Day” strapline for all its scratchcard brands.

Camelot marketing director Richard Bateson says future campaigns will communicate that scratchcards are “spontaneous, playful and sparky”.
The first campaign to use the new positioning breaks this Sunday (14 March). It has been created by AMV.BBDO and promotes the “£100,000 game”.

Television activity will feature a managing director livening up a meeting by playing hip-hop music.

A simultaneous television, press and point of sale campaign will also run to highlight Camelot’s claim that there are four scratchcard winners per second.

Camelot will launch a campaign for its Deal or No Deal Scratchcard game that will use the new “Put Some Play In Your Day” positioning in May, and it is preparing activity to include different games within the theme to run throughout 2010 and 2011.

Camelot recently announced that its sales increased by 3.6% in 2008/09. Sales totalled £5.1bn in the year to 31 March 2009, up from £4.9bn a year earlier.

The company is currently for sale, with French lottery operator Francaise des Jeux understood to be a potential bidder.


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