Camelot unveils ‘Instant’ TV show

National Lottery organiser Camelot is aiming to reverse declining instant scratchcard sales with a live Wednesday night game show on BBC 1.

The operator has confirmed that the programme – provisionally known as The Instant Tickets Game Show – is being developed with the BBC, and will be broadcast within three months.

It will feature winners of scratchcard games taking part in games for further prizes. A new scratchcard game may also be launched, offering players the chance to take part in the show if they reveal three television screens on their instant cards.

However, Camelot refused to comment on the exact slot the new programme will take, or how long the programme will last.

The company says plans for a second TV draw for its on-line tickets are at least a year away.

Scratchcard sales have fallen by up to 25 per cent since they were launched in March, from about 44m a week to as low as 33.2m. Camelot says this is a common pattern with scratchcard launches in other countries. It has partly blamed holidays for the drop in sales.

Other instant scratchcard operators say sales of their cards have taken their toll on National Lottery scratchcard sales.


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