Cameron continues attack on “commercial messages” at party conference

Broadcasters and retailers need to change to help curb the sexualisation of children, according to Conservative Party leader David Cameron.

David Cameron MP
David Cameron MP

Speaking at the Party’s spring conference yesterday (28 March), Cameron says television companies need to “think about the messages that you’re putting out to our children”, while retailers need to “think about the messages you send with the products that you sell”.

“Anyone bringing up children like me has that dread of switching on the television and you’re bombarded with commercial messages, of going down to the shops and there are things you wouldn’t want a 25-year old to wear, let alone a five year old,” he says.

Cameron’s speech follows his recent call for a website for parents to complain about “offensive marketing tactics used by companies”. He has also previously said agencies that produce the campaigns should not be allowed to bid for Government contracts for three years.

The address also came just two days after a Government-commissioned report into the “sexualisation of young people” by Dr Linda Papadopoulos also called for a “one stop shop” for parents to complain about advertising that sexualises children, while potentially “offensive” outdoor images should be pre-vetted by local authorities.

Cameron also demanded licensed premises, bars, convenience stores and supermarkets to stop selling alcohol to under-18s.


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