Campaign for Smarter Drinking goes down well

The Campaign for Smarter Drinking has encouraged more than 60% of irresponsible drinkers reconsider their alcohol consumption, according to the drinks industry.

The five-year, £100m campaign was launched by the industry in association with Drinkaware and the Government last September.

It targets 18 to 34-year-olds, emphasising the benefits of responsible drinking and offering practical tips such as drinking water or eating when they drink.

An evaluation of 600 consumers found that 30% of the core target audience was aware of the campaign after the first month, and more than half said they would talk about responsible drinking with their friends.

The campaign uses outdoor advertising, signs and coasters in bars to deliver the message: “why let good times go bad?”

It represents the collaborative, educational approach to tackling binge drinking currently favoured by the government.

Bruce Ray, director of the campaign, says: “We’re delighted to see that the first phase has had such an impact in tackling irresponsible drinking.”


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