Campaign for war heroes gets boost

War heroes charity, The Bomber Command Association, is extending its campaign to raise funds to build a memorial in London in recognition of the RAF Bomber Command.

RAF Bomber Command
RAF Bomber Command

The campaign, developed by PR agency Red Dog and communications agency Flipside Group, will include an overhaul of the website, online advertising and viral marketing, as well as direct mail, telephone and SMS marketing.

There will also be events and exhibitions during the year, some of which will include support from Bee Gee’s singer Robin Gibbs, who is President of the Heritage Foundation and a driving force behind the campaign.

The funds will see a memorial in London’s Green Park in recognition of the 55,573 men of Bomber Command who lost their lives in World War II. The campaign has the backing of the Government. Prime Minister Gordon Brown says the men “deserved the fullest recognition of their courage and sacrifice”.

The Bomber Command Association, in partnership with The Daily Telegraph, has already raised £1.5m but hopes to raise a further £2m and change perceptions of the RAF Bomber Command though the 12-month campaign.


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