Camper plans launch of organic restaurant

Shoe brand Camper is strengthening its presence in the leisure market with the launch of an environmentally friendly restaurant concept called Foodball.

It will open in Barcelona later this month to coincide with the launch of the brand’s first hotel, Casa Camper, this summer (MW May 29, 2003).

Camper is planning to roll out both concepts globally if they prove successful in the Spanish city. Foodball aims to offer customers healthy, balanced food that is convenient and reasonably priced. The food will be organic and GM free, and will be locally sourced and sold in bio-degradable wrappers.

Foodball has been designed by Spanish designer Marti Guixé, who has also worked on a number of Camper shoe shops. The restaurant has been designed using local materials that are not damaging to the environment.

All of Camper’s offshoots are run directly by the brand and are overseen by its owner Lorenzo Fluxa, who set up the company in 1975. Camper opened its first store outside Spain in 1992 and now sells shoes in more than 46 countries.

It has 55 directly owned stores and nearly 50 non-franchise concessions.


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