McDonald’s uses a vintage doll for its Christmas ad

The fast food giant is placing its bets on a vintage wooden doll this Christmas.

McDonald’s headline Christmas TV ad, created by Leo Burnett, features a vintage doll called Juliette who comes to life after being left on a shelf and missing out on becoming a kid’s festive toy.

The red-haired doll glances at a McDonald’s restaurant opposite her toy shop window. On Christmas Eve, just as the toy shop is closing, Juliette escapes and meets fellow toy ‘Meteor Mike’ at the McDonald’s before leaving together in an emotional ending.

As well as the TV ad, Juliette will feature in McDonald’s social activity and in a separate 20-second ad highlighting this year’s Christmas menu. It will also be pictured on McDonald’s festive coffee cup collection, and other in-store activity will allow customers to potentially win £10 Amazon gift cards through McDonald’s first ever augmented reality-enabled tray mat.

Mcdonalds doll“The Juliette tray mat is our first step into augmented reality and we’re excited to see our customers using it,” says Emily Somers, vice president of food and marketing at McDonald’s UK.

The emotional ad follows a puppet-based campaign from Sainsbury’s, with McDonald’s using similar CGI effects and puppeteering. The ad will run over an eight-week period through a range of channels including TV, radio, out of home, digital and in-store advertising.

McDonald’s, partly boosted by positive UK trading, saw like-for-like revenue increase by 3.5% in the three months to September.



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  1. Stella 25 Nov 2016

    The doll reminds me of Zoe Wanamaker any basis for this thought ?

    • Anonymous 26 Nov 2016

      I thought that too… uncannily so!

      • Anon 5 Dec 2016

        As soon as I saw this I assumed it was based on Zoe Wanamaker. Hope she’s getting the royalties!

    • Anonymous 27 Dec 2016

      I’ve said that to several people too, some of them thought i was tripping, others agreed with me. I think McDonald’s has knowingly done this. But when we read their story behind it, there’s no mention of Zoe at all, Strange!….

  2. john howell 26 Nov 2016

    my wife is enthralled by julliett….are thy likely to be made? or available in the near future please?

    • Megan 1 Dec 2016

      I would like to know this aswell. I’m going mad looking for one for my mother who is in love with this doll!!

  3. me too 30 Nov 2016

    that was also my immediate thought, so like Zoe it’s as if they used her as a template. Wonder if she herself agrees?

  4. Christina greaves 5 Dec 2016

    Oh ! Please tell me this dear doll will be made to buy ! I cried at this advert ! So moving , utterley captivating

  5. Teresa 11 Dec 2016

    Would like to know if you will be making / selling the Juliette doll from the Christmas advert. I love her. X

  6. Julie 15 Dec 2016

    I would love one of these dolls, any plans of making them for distribution?

  7. john howarth 17 Dec 2016

    My partner who has dementia loves the doll,would be great to buy he one.

  8. Pauline 25 Dec 2016

    I like many others would like to know where or when we can purchase this lovely little doll.PLEASE

    • Sarah Vizard 4 Jan 2017

      As far as we’re aware McDonald’s has no plans to put the doll on sale, but try lobbying them and you might be able to change their minds!

  9. kieran thompson 27 Dec 2016

    McDonald’s make no mention of Zoe Wannamaker at all the their explaining of the reason and making of this ad, But it’s gotta be based on her!. No way could this just be coincidence, it’s so alike, it’s like the days of spitting image…

  10. Philomena Cheddy 16 Jan 2017

    Would love to purchase Juliette will that be possible.

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