Can Sugar offer sweet revenge?

The Diary allowed itself a little chuckle at the choice of Julia Carling to front the launch of Alan Sugar’s range of face creams and do-it-yourself facelift kits.

Julia is the wife of English rugby captain, Will Carling, and has recently found herself to be the subject of much tabloid coverage following her husband’s alleged “trysts” with everyone’s favourite royal, Princess Diana.

The rather nice twist is that Julia is publicly endorsing the 199 Amstrad product, which is a cut-price rival to the rather more upmarket CACI International system, costing 5,000.

The Diary can’t help wondering if the reason for Julia accepting the Amstrad contract has something to do with the fact that CACI’s most famous client happens to be Diana.

The Diary fully expects rumours that Sugar is planning a do-it-yourself colonic irrigation kit to be hotly denied by Amstrad.


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