Can there only be one Dave?

Ah, Dave. So good they named it twice. And ah, the cruel irony of coming up with the name of the perfect everyman… and finding others have done the same thing. Yet I think it would be an odd move for an agency that creates brands to go through with killing off a much more famous one (even if they got there first).

It just shows why naming is always the most thankless job in marketing. When you come up with a belter (and Dave is a belter), there’s always a smug trademark lawyer ready to rain on your parade. Or an obstreperous and mysteriously unconsulted senior client. Or some uncooperative multilingual busybody who finds your new brand means something vile in Polish.

In the (almost) words of the outlaw Josey Wales: naming is easy, it’s due diligence that’s hard.

Neil Taylor
Creative director, The Writer


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