Canary Wharf firm gets shirty

This year, after a particularly extravagant festive season, the Diary has been having a bit of trouble clambering into its stylish, yet functional, work dungarees.

So news of a new bespoke tailoring service was greeted with great interest.

Asian shirt maker CYC, based at Canary Wharf for all those City types, is offering lunchtime fittings at your home or office (the Diary recommends these are scheduled for after the midday meal) where consultants take your measurements and send them to Singapore where your shirt is knocked up and shipped over in a fortnight.

This process also eliminates the problems of Asian sizes that so frequently undermine the Diary’s attempts to pick up bargains from Thailand on eBay. Really, since when has XL meant a 38 inch chest?

If you have enjoyed a glass of wine over lunch and are feeling particularly creative, the company is setting up an internet site where clients can design their own shirts.

The Diary looks forward to seeing the fruits of those design sessions being around Soho in the near future.


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