Cancer Research unveils digital fundraising strategy

Cancer Research UK is piloting a digital social initiative to allow supporters to donate money to specific research projects.

Cancer Research
Cancer Research

MyProjects is relaunching this month with the new Stories platform powered by social commerce company Bazaarvoice, which has donated the platform to Cancer Research.

By donating via the MyProjects platform supporters can give money to individual research projects that they feel strongly about including childhood leukaemia, breast, prostate, bowel or lung cancer.

Cancer Research aims to encourage people to donate by increasing the visibility of where their donations go and increasing engagement with the charity, other supporters and beneficiaries through user generated content.

The site also keeps donors informed about the progress of projects and the impact their support is having.

Users can upload and share their stories with photos and videos to connect with fellow Cancer Research supporters and researchers.

Samantha Collen, senior project leader at Cancer Research UK, says: “Since launching MyProjects, we’ve found personal stories to be really motivating and inspirational to our supporters because they can see the direct impact that they can have on the lives of people with cancer. We’re delighted to be able to offer the Stories functionality on MyProjects and offer our supporters the opportunity to share their experiences with the charity and each other on a deeper level.”


Mobile giant will be ‘everywhere’ brand

Mark Choueke

Everything Everywhere is not a good name for a new company. It is childish, cumbersome, vacuous and hollow. Don’t get me wrong, it would make a pretty good strapline and an unbeatable (by definition) business proposition. It just seems to me a bit of a naff choice of company name.


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