Cantona seeks to protect his name with the Patents Office

Eric Cantona registered three variations on his name before his surprise announcement last week that he will quit football.

The three variants based around the Manchester United player’s name are: Cantona, Cantona 7, and ooh aah Cantona. All three applications are yet to be approved by the British Patents Office in Newport, South Wales.

The applications are class 16 and 25 types, which protects his name on various types of printed matter, from magazines to calendars, as well as most types of clothing.

Cantona has done relatively little to promote his name but further options to do so will be open to him as he takes up his interests in film production, as he said he would when he stopped playing football.

In the past, the footballer has taken step rigorous steps to protect his name and image. Last June he won a court battle to get a Cheshire-based company called Cantona French Wines to stop producing bottles which had the player’s name and a number seven shirt on the label.

The star also complained about a Molson ad which recreated his kung-fu kick at a Crystal Palace fan in 1995.


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