Capri-Sun launches no added sugar juice

Lunchbox juice drink Capri-Sun is launching a “no added sugar” range this month in response to concerns about increasing obesity levels.

The regular versions of the foil-packed drink, owned by German company Wild and distributed in the UK by Coca-Cola Enterprises, have been slammed in the press for the amount of sugar they contain.

The new range will use the same “squeeze please” strapline as the regular range, but the packs will have the “no added sugar” message on the packaging to attract health-conscious mothers.

An industry insider says: “Capri-Sun needed to bring the new range to the market because the other flavours are full of sugar and are getting a bad press.”

Another source says: “Lots of manufacturers are recognising that health and obesity are key issues. The new packs will be strongly targeted at mothers and children who are looking for tasty but sugar-free drinks. But Coca-Cola hasn’t focused a lot of attention on Capri-Sun in the past; this product’s shelf-life will be short if it is not properly supported by promotions.”


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